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Alektum Group is a family-owned company that has been operating since 1992. With the help of a unique combination of innovative services and products, we support our customers throughout the financial process. We believe in long-term partnerships through close cooperation, tailored solutions and tactful dialogue with the customer's customer. Working with us should always be simple and effective - the right solutions at the right time for the right results.

Workplace & culture

We are a value-driven company operating in an international and expansive environment. We are driven by a will to help companies grow and reach their full potential in a sustainable way. 

We believe in people. And we know that ther is a person behind every debt. By making it easier for people to do the right thing, and to honour their agreements, we can make a difference in society, and our customers can rely on getting paid. 

We believe our employees are our greatest assets. Our company culture is progressive and caring, and characterized by a great team spirit and drive.


Praha 4-Michle

Budějovická 778/3
140 00 Praha 4-Michle Návod info@alektumgroup.cz 420 270 005 500

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